Great news! Ohio has just greatly expanded eligibility for sealing the record and expungement.  Prior to October 29, 2018, a person could not expunge or seal any of their criminal convictions if they had more than two total convictions.  As of now, the law has been expanded to allow a person with up to five total convictions to seal their record in some circumstances.

Ohio expungement, or technically sealing the record, is the only practical way to remove a conviction from your record.  Once a conviction is sealed/expunged it is removed from all public records searches and can only be accessed in very rare circumstances.  Sealing the record can open up a new world of career opportunities by allowing you to legally answer “No” when asked by potential employers if you have been convicted of a crime.  It can also restore gun rights and even allow you to get a Concealed Handgun License (“CCW”).

Barney DeBrosse attorneys have worked to seal records all over the state of Ohio.  Even if you have been previously told you were not eligible to seal the record, you may now be eligible. Call today to discuss your eligibility to seal your criminal record with one of our Ohio attorneys.