Trade Secrets

Technology has changed the way business is done.  These changes have provided a plethora of benefits to companies, but have also increased risk of your business’ assets being mishandled.  In this landscape a proactive approach is needed to identify and protect your asset before they are lost.  Whether your company is dealing with formulas, devices, business and marketing plans, manufacturing techniques, business method, or drawings protecting that information as a trade secret is vital to maintain your competitor advantage.  In an environment where today’s customers and business partners are tomorrow’s competitors, protection of your trade secrets is critical.

Barney DeBrosse can assist you with identifying potential trade secrets and assist in implementing controlled access to protect and enforce these trade secrets.  We understand the vigilance required to protect your trade secrets and will work with you to develop protocols, unique to your environment, to protect those assets.  Whether you are starting a joint venture, hiring a new employee or consultant, or dealing with the mishandling of existing trade secrets, the experienced attorneys at Barney DeBrosse can assist you.

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