Child Custody

The experienced family law attorneys at Barney DeBrosse, LLC, represent parents in a wide-range of custody actions, including:

  • Establishment of paternity
  • Allocation of parental rights and responsibilities
  • Establishing or terminating shared parenting
  • Modification of parenting time
  • Change of custody
  • Agreed amendments to parenting plans
  • Enforcement / Contempt of current parenting orders
  • All related child support issues


Every family and every case is different, so it’s important to meet with an attorney to discuss your rights, your obligations, and your goals in the case. The attorneys at Barney DeBrosse, LLC, will tailor their representation of you to what you need in the case and aggressively represent your interests.  While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case, we commit ourselves to working side by side with our clients in the pursuit of their ideal outcomes.

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