annulment-scalesIn specific situations, you may be able to file for an annulment of your marriage, which would treat the marriage as if it never happened.  Because the marriage is voided, there is no division of property or assets.  If children are involved, there may need to be a separate proceeding for custody and child support. The specific situations in which you may qualify for an annulment include:

  • You and your spouse never consummated the marriage
  • You or your spouse was underage at the time of the marriage
  • You or your spouse was married to another person at the time of your marriage
  • Your or your spouse has been declared legally incompetent
  • The consent for marriage was obtained through fraud
  • The consent for marriage was obtained through force or duress

Annulments are unique and rarely used, but the family law attorneys at Barney DeBrosse, LLC, do have experience in representing clients who have valid rights to file an annulment.  It’s important to discuss your case with an experienced attorney who may advise you of your rights and the possibility of ending your marriage through annulment proceedings.

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