Expungement & Record Sealing

Are you a convicted criminal who wants a second chance? Our office may be able to help you start over by sealing or expunging the record of your criminal convictions.


Is an expungement the same as sealing a record?

An expungement means that a record is not only hidden, but usually means that the records of a criminal conviction are permanently inaccessible to anyone, for any purpose, and are often physically destroyed. Expungement is not generally available in Ohio anymore. Instead, the state allows certain criminal records to be sealed. This means that certain individuals can access the records for certain purposes. As a general rule, the records are inaccessible to most employers and private parties, but can be reviewed by law enforcement and criminal justice personnel.

Why get an expungement?

Expunging a record usually keeps the fact of a conviction out of the public view. It can help you get employment, a professional license, housing, and has the personal benefit of letting you officially close the book on the mistakes of your past.

Am I eligible to have my criminal record sealed?

Under Ohio, only a first time offender can have his or her record sealed. Additionally, those convicted of certain offenses, including certain violent crimes, are not eligible to have the record sealed. Barney DeBrosse, LLC, Attorneys at Law is available to assist you in determining if you are indeed eligible.

Do I need an attorney?

Only a court can seal a criminal record. And as with most matters, when you go to court you should have an experienced attorney by your side. Sealing a record is a technical process, but can be quick and easy with the assistance of an attorney who knows the procedures. As with most legal matters, you only have one chance to argue the best possible case. If you want to seal a criminal record, hire a lawyer to help you do it right!

I have a juvenile record, can I get that expunged?

Yes. In Ohio, most juvenile records are eligible for formal expungement.

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