Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense. However, individuals are falsely accused of domestic violence by vindictive ex-spouses, former loved ones, and family members who hold a grudge against the defendant. The potential for abuse is amplified by the policy in many law enforcement offices that whenever a domestic violence call is received, someone must be taken into custody. If you have been accused of domestic violence, let us help you defend your rights and make sure that the system treats you fairly.


What is domestic violence?

Ohio law defines domestic violence as causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family or household member. A family or household member includes:

    • A spouse, person living as a spouse, or former spouse who resides with the offender or has resided with the offender;
    • A parent, foster parent, or child of the offender who resides with the offender or has resided with the offender; and
    • A person related to the offender who is residing with the offender or has resided with the offender
What are the potential consequences to a conviction?

Depending on the facts and circumstances a court may impose substantial jail time, probation, anger management, domestic violence classes, monetary fines, and protection orders.

How can a domestic violence conviction impact my life?

A domestic violence is one of the most disruptive convictions. A domestic violence offender can face loss of employment, difficulty in obtaining employment, and firearms disabilities, among other issues.

Does a domestic violence conviction affect my ability to own firearms?

YES! Domestic violence convictions will Domestic violence convictions will prevent you from owning a firearm prevent you from owning a firearm. The consequences of domestic violence convictions on your Second Amendment rights are immediate, severe, and often permanent. If you are a gun owner facing a domestic violence charge, do not waste any time retaining a lawyer with experience in firearms law and criminal defense. This unique corner of the law has many pitfalls and nuances – make sure you hire a lawyer who knows how to help you steer clear of the hazards to your Second Amendment rights.

What is civil domestic violence? What is a civil protection order?

A Civil Domestic Violence Protection Order, otherwise referred to as a civil protection order or CPO, is a lawsuit asking the court for an order prohibiting the defendant from interacting with the plaintiff. A civil protection order can be useful to help victims protect themselves from future violent encounters with family or individuals in the plaintiff’s household. Unfortunately, civil protection orders are also frequently abused. Plaintiffs can and do attempt to obtain civil protection orders not because of fear of violence, but as a way to inconvenience and cast disrepute on another family member, former loved-on, or ex-roommate. Our office is experienced at prosecuting and defending civil protection actions. Call us today to find out how to protect yourself and assert your rights in court.

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