Federal Firearms Licensing

Just as the right to keep and bear arms is one of the most heavily burdened freedoms, the privilege of operating a firearms-related business is subject to some of the most expansive and detailed regulations in the world. Opening and operating the business are just part of the challenge. A firearms dealer must have meticulous records, be prepared for scheduled and unannounced inspections from the ATF, and undercover “sting” operations designed to test the licensee’s quality control systems.

In today’s regulatory environment, an FFL can be revoked for something as simple as using an improper abbreviation on a form. Don’t risk the future of your business, or your own freedom, by attempting to navigate these waters without experienced counsel.


  • Pre-application procedures, including financial reviews, selection of physical facilities, and development of security measures;
  • Advice regarding financing and purchasing of inventory;
  • Completing and filing the application for a federal firearms license (including applications for firearms manufacturers);
  • Regulatory review – routine inspections of documents to detect legal issues at the earliest possible stage;
  • Accompanying licensees to meetings with ATF officials and law enforcement personnel;
  • Defense of licensees cited for regulatory failings or other illegal acts.

More information on FFL licensing can be obtained at http://www.atf.gov/firearms/how-to/become-an-ffl.html

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