Few things are as important as planning for the future. We can help you plan for your personal care and the disposition ofyour property in your final years. Estate planning is more than drafting forms – it’s about asking and answering questions. How do you want to spend your senior years? Who should make decisions about your care if you are unable? How will your loved ones be cared for if something happens to you tomorrow? What can you do now to make life easier for your family tomorrow? We have the knowledge and experience to help you answer those questions, and to make sure that your wishes are faithfully executed.

Barney DeBrosse, LLC assists clients in minimizing estate taxes, funding charities through charitable giving instruments, and transferring wealth to loved ones with a minimum of expense. Call today to find out what we can do for you.

Estate Planning Services

Basic Last Will & Testament

To control what happens to your estate a Last Will and Testament is essential. Oftentimes, people simply want a quick, cost efficient and direct approach to their estate planning. If this is the case a Last Will and Testament provides peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Trust Packages

A trust can provide for professional management of your assets, potential tax savings on inheritances, and avoid some of the cost and delay of probate proceedings. A trust can also give you creative options over how and when beneficiaries receive assets from an estate.

Powers of Attorney

A Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney allows a designated person to make critical health and financial decisions if you are unable to make them yourself.

Living Wills

Unfortunately, tragedies occur every day and every day there are consequences that loved ones must deal with as they grieve. A Living Will can assist with giving your family the peace of mind that your wishes are fulfilled.

Disposition of Remains

If you have a specific request with regards to your remains a Disposition of Remains can ensure your wishes are carried out.