Military Support

Having served 6 years enlisted with the Ohio Army National Guard, including a 14-month tour in Iraq, Derek truly understands the emotions, stress, and uncertainty that accompany the military lifestyle.

Attorneys Derek DeBrosse and Adam Barney are licensed in various military courts to include: The Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Navy/Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals and the Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals.

If you are a member of the United States Armed Forces or within the immediate family of an armed forces service-member we provide the following three services that are essential as you or your loved ones prepare to serve our country.

General Durable Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney enables another to act on your behalf in personal and business matters

Living Wills

A legal document that allows one to declare their wishes in the event the lapse into a vegetative state.

Health Care Powers of Attorney

A legal document that appoints an agent to make decisions on your behalf regarding medical concerns in the event you cannot make them yourself.


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